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The Pocket Prof contains over 400 questions from the FAA’s question bank that are applicable for the Private Pilot Exam.


The Pocket Prof: FAA Private Pilot Questions

The computer is finding a perfect spot in the educational continuum, positioned midway between a human teacher and a conventional textbook.  The computer allows an individualized approach to learning that is somewhat akin to what a teacher provides, but at the same time it is very convenient and easy to use, more like a conventional book. 

In many ways the Pocket PC (PPC) is the ideal educational computer platform.  A PocketPC can hold large amounts of data so you can easily carry even the most extensive of educational tools.  Furthermore, most users constantly keep their PocketPCs with them, making it convenient to use whenever you have a free moment or two.

Just think of all the wasted time you have during a typical week!  For example, you might spend time: in line at the drive-through, waiting for your turn at the speaker; in your dentist’s reception area, waiting for your semi-annual turn in the chair-of-fun; in the restaurant, waiting for the server to figure out how to deduct from your bill the nine burritos you didn’t eat; down at the dock, waiting for the ferry to Staten Island.  Armed with a PocketPC and the Pocket Prof you can reclaim all this down time by utilizing it for what Aurora Software likes to call “opportunistic education.” 

Although we call it opportunistic education, it’s not all severely educational!  Look for new Question-Bases to be published in the near future, including a series of trivia games.  Perhaps we should call it: Opportunistic Fun & Education!

Finally, the most important reason for subscribing to Aurora Software’s opportunistic education philosophy may be that you’ll actually learn better than with an all-at-once approach.  Pulling an “all nighter” might have been fun in your college days, but some studies have shown that people are actually able to retain information better if it is spread out over a longer period of time.  This is exactly the philosophy behind The Pocket Prof.

We hope you’ll find The Pocket Prof useful, and that you can transform those moments of your life when you normally play “the waiting game” into moments of “the learning game.” 

Requirements: Pocket PC with WinCE 2002 or newer OS

Compatible Devices/Operating System: @migo 600-C, Casio Cassiopeia, Casio GFORT, Cassiopeia E-700, Cassiopeia E-750, Cassiopeia EM500, Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, Toshiba Genio-e