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What is a “date-base”?

(1)    Answer: A date-base is a term we coined to refer to a database that can be loaded into a calendaring program, such as those incorporated into most hand-held organizers.  Once the data is loaded, an “item” in the database appear as an event in the calendaring program.

What calendaring programs does Aurora Software support?

We currently generate data-bases that are compatible with both Microsoft Outlook and with the Palm Desktop program.  Both of these PC-based calendaring programs support numerous handheld devices. 


After I loaded a date-base into Pocket Outlook on my PocketPC, the items display but not as an All-Day Event. Why is this?

The most common reason for this to occur is that the PocketPC’s clock was set to Visiting city when you loaded the data.  To correct this, you will need to delete all the date-base items, set your PPC to the Home city, and then re-load the date-base.  To switch between Visiting and Home city, go into the Settings menu page on your PPC, then tap the System tab.  Click the Clock icon to get to the screen to switch between Home and Visits.


How do I change themes on my Pocket PC?

Use the following steps to change the theme on your Pocket PC running version 2002 or greater of the WinCE operating system:

1. Tap Start.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap the Today icon.

4. The drop-down box in the middle of the screen displays all of the themes currently loaded on your Pocket PC. Any new themes that you add should also appear here.

5. Tap the new one you want to load.

6. Tap OK.

7. Finally tap Start and then Today to navigate back to your Today screen.

8. You will now see the new colors and background image.